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by Kade Storm

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Torn asunder, From the celestial grace. Hurled aflame, To forge the unholy race. Corrupted sacrament, Plaguing divine scheme. Of the arcane covenant, Defiance by the seraphim. Poison wrought demise, From master of the flies. Once loyal now arise, Casting down rotten doctrine of lies. Blood of deliverance, For servile heresy. Cursed providence, Heretical legacy. The deathly path, Of the waning lord. Confronts the wrath, Of the fallen horde. Through haunting majesty, Of a thousand burning suns. Searing through eternity, Retribution for the banished ones. As fire turns to ice, And timeless aeons turn to dust. Damnation in paradise, For great deity reduced to rust. Heirs of promised land, Condemned to lurk in shadows. Now sired by the left hand, As monarchs of inferno. The Great Destroyer’s scath, By Uriel sword. The irreverent wrath, Of the fallen horde. Blood of old creators, Flows through the treachery. By serpentine traitors, And their noble butchery. Fuelled with nihilistic life, Of apocalyptic omen. In morning star whence rages strife, Behold the wrath of the fallen.
Pray, ye the faithful, Pray in my name. I be thy disdain, Thy pleas fading in vain. The deathly cries, Of the Nazareens' demise. Foul, blackened lies, That bleed through depraved god's eyes. The snake slithered beneath, Realm of the helion scum. Grand legacies they bequeath, Upon the rise of the wicked one. Seek salvation, In refuge of the profane. Desolation, For vile serpent's disdain. Chase negation, In great deceiver's layer. Rise damnation, By decree of corroded prayer. Pray, dying serf. Beg for the light. For I bring thee new shackles, For thine unholy plight. By flames of the bornless one, Rebirth through the dying son. Cataclysm ascends beyond, Thy twilight that hath dawned. Morning star commands, Thy will in eternal sands. Legions arise from thee, Bleeding through the sinner's tree. Seek salvation, Through aegis of the profane. Desolation, Of craven, dying lord's name. Chase negation, In great deceiver's layer. Rise damnation, By decree of corroded prayer. Seek salvation, In shadows of the arcane. Desolation, By the dragon's unholy reign. Chase negation, Inside the light bringer's layer. Elevation, Of the fallen's corroded prayer.
In shadows whence snakes feed, Marked by the sigil of heresy. In throes of forbidden creed, Skewered through the aeons of infamy. Submit thy will to fallen beast, Decrees of Beleth that thou hath swore. No reprieve for thee, oh, scum of god, Thy tongue nailed down by chaotic four. Forsaken the bastard son, The sacrificial one. Ascension shall pervade, As pretender's throne decayed. Rage of the heathen, Soul of Leviathan's reprise. Upon his name lay the devil's treason, And the ancient spectre's demise. Congregations shall drown, In faith turned septic. ‘tis salvation beneath rotten crown, Of the exiled heretic. Arise, abomination, The winged eyes of petrification. Curse the heavens; desolate, With the profane gospels of hate. God yields to end of days, Prostrating beneath Draconian sword. Desecrating – the wrathful rays, Of morning star upon the arcane lord. Pledged eternity, To cult of blasphemy, Divine betrayal shall breed, The vengeful Luciferian seed. Eyes of Elohim burn, As hordes are left to spurn. And deities of old repent, For grand deceiver’s dissent. Now the serpent shall rise, Through corpse of godly demise. Salvation rejected, Hail the exiled heretic. Congregations – condemned to drown, Inside the black flame – subjugated. ‘tis salvation beneath rotten crown, Of the exiled heretic. The great serpent shall rise, Through the flesh of god in demise. Streams of ichor turning septic, All hail the exiled heretic.


released April 29, 2021

Kade Storm - Composition, writing, instruments, voice, programming, mixing, mastering, etc.

Artwork very generously produced and permitted for use by Dalila Belazi.


all rights reserved



Kade Storm Skegness, UK

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